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Sex Crimes

Donte T Wyatt - 

  • Rape, Prostitution, Child Abuse, and Pimping and Pandering 


Sex Crimes
Sex Crimes

Sex crimes all involve some type of illegal exposure or contact that is done for the purposes of sexual gratification. However, it is often argued that rape is a crime of power and control and that sexual gratification is secondary, but sexual gratification is still a component. In addition, and arguably all sex crimes involve a victim. In the case of rape, battery or child abuse the victim is clearly identifiable but there is also the argument that in the act of prostitution the prostitute is also a victim. The victim in Sex Crime cases create a very complicated dynamic. The victim often appear to be traumatized and irreparably damaged emotionally.





child molest

Child Molestation

child molest

    Oral Copulation 




    Statutory Rape 


   Child Pornography 


  Indecent Exposure

However, in cases such as rape the amount of trauma and emotional distress can lead to a false identification. In child abuse cases you often see a situation where one parent convinces the minor child to make the allegation against the other parent for vindictive purposes. And although some prostitutes are runnaways or exploited young people that definitely does not include all men or women engaging in acts of prostitution. However, each of these crimes create unique legal issues because society has predispositions about each of them and unlike the exceptions (or less aggravated or false accusation) examples I gave society hear these charges and they think predator. Some one that is a danger. That is why it is important to contact competent legal counsel as soon as you are arrested or charge for a sex crime. Attorney Donte T. Wyatt has extensive experience handling cases such as rape, pimping and pandering prostitution and child abuse.

Attorney Wyatt previously worked as a Deputy District Attorney in the county of San Diego. As a Deputy District Attorney in the County of San Diego, Attorney Wyatt worked in the Family Protection Division. While in the Family Protection Division of the San Diego District Attorney Office Attorney Wyatt reviewed issued and litigated child abuse cases. This experience gives Attorney Wyatt a unique skill set that is essential to successfully handling sex crimes. First, prior to issuing any sex crime cases Attorney Wyatt had to interview many victims to evaluate cases for purposes of making an issuance decision. One of the most difficult parts of defending a sex crime case is effectively evaluating the victim and effectively cross examining the victim at the preliminary examination and or at trial in the San Diego Superior Court. An alleged victim of a sex crime is inherently sympathetic, therefore if an attorney is overly aggressive during cross examination the tactic may backfire and have dire consequences for the person charged with a sex crime. However, the experienced criminal defense attorney must be aggressive enough to be effective. Therefore an effective criminal defense attorney for a sex crime case knows how to be aggressive enough to accomplish the set goals of the case, but not so aggressive that the judge or the jury is offended.   

In addition, to the sensitive and difficult task of cross examining an alleged sex crime victim there are specialized evidentiary rules that apply to sex crime cases. For example is a person charged with a sex crime has a prior conviction or conduct involving similar offenses then the prosecution may move to admit the proof of the prior conduct. Once the jurors hear information that suggests that the accused has a history of sex crimes it is very difficult for the jurors to keep an open mind. Therefore it is important that you obtain the services of an experienced attorney, like San Diego Criminal Attorney


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