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Criminal Attorney Donte Wyatt will work H.A.R.D. for you.

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  • What a professional San Diego Criminal Attorney should do for you. 


San Diego Criminal Attorney

You need a criminal attorney that will work HARD for you. To work HARD is much more than objecting a lot or speaking loudly. To work HARD is to work for you in way that is HONEST, AGGRESSIVE, RELIABLE and DEDICATED (HARD).

HONEST: You deserve a criminal attorney that will be up front and HONEST with you about the cost of your defense, the prospects of your options and the strategic approach that will be utilized to defend you against criminal charges.



Why is honesty so important? Honesty is the most important part of your relationship with your criminal attorney. A person charged with a criminal offense is going to have to make very difficult decisions especially in the case of a felony. Their attorney will need to keep them informed of all of their options at every step of the proceedings and provide them with advice as to which option will yield the most favorable outcome for their criminal case. Misdemeanor cases and felony cases both have their own specific nuances that only a seasoned criminal attorney would be aware of. If a person can not trust their criminal attorney, and trust the information that their attorney provides then they will be handicapped in making decisions that can drastically affect their life and future.



AGGRESSIVE: A criminal attorney should provide you with a strategically aggressive defense. This may involve the filing of motions to suppress evidence, motions to overturn warrants and may further involve going to trial to provide you the best possible defense to your case. An aggressive criminal attorney will not simply talk loud and often but construct an aggressive defense strategy. An aggressive criminal attorney will fight for you during negotiations, trial and if needed at sentencing and on appeal.



 A criminal attorney must be available to meet with you and discuss your case and keep you informed about the criminal justice process. Not just available when the attorney is first hired (or when fees are to be paid) but available throughout the entire criminal justice process.



DEDICATED: Your case should always be a high priority for your criminal attorney and your criminal attorney must consistently work HARD for you inside and outside of the courtroom.
Criminal Attorney Donte T. Wyatt is dedicated and will always work HARD for you.

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