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Property Crimes

Criminal Attorney Donte Wyatt - 

  • Contact a criminal attorney if you have been charged with any property crimes. 


Property Crimes

Property Crimes involve the destruction, damage or theft of property. These are the most pervasive crimes in the criminal justice system. Auto Theft is one of the committed crimes in San Diego County. Auto theft includes the burglary of locked vehicle and the actual theft of vehicle. Car burglars often target parking lots or areas where cars are parked wit minimal supervision.  property crimes

The Mall parking lot is one of the most targeted areas for car thefts and car burglaries. The mall provides a smorgasbord of vehicle for the taking to aspiring and accomplished car thieves. Malls often have parking structures and or large parking lots. A car thief can stake out these areas and be assured that as they watch a person leave their they have a significant amount of time before the owner returns.

In addition, to car theft property crimes also include general theft ranging from petty theft to grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property and even robbery. However, robbery due to its violent nature can equally be included under the violent crimes sections.






criminal trespass  


If a person is charged with a property crime it is important that they contact an experienced criminal attorney. The primary issue with property crimes is usually identity and or knowledge. When a car is burglarized the suspect is rarely caught during the commission of the crime. Therefore they are generally identified by evidence left at the scene of the crime or the subsequent possession of the stolen property. An experienced criminal attorney will no how to confront physical evidence and effectively present arguments to undermine the circumstantial evidence often used to prove identification. Criminal Attorney Donte T. Wyatt has a great deal of experience dealing with property crimes as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.


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