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Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a constantly evolving issue that has both state and federal issues. First you must consider the fact that under Federal law marijuana is illegal regardless of its medicinal use. However under California law marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes. Therefore when a person is trying to utilize and benefit from the Compassionate Use Act they have to concern themselves with the reality that although marijuana is legal when used for medicinal purposes under California Law they are still in conflict with federal law. Hence if a person is engage in the selling of marijuana for medicinal purposes through a licensed and authorized medical marijuana dispensary they must always be cognitive of the ever evolving legal dynamics of the medical marijuana under both state and federal law.

medical marijuana

The federal government has taken several stances on the issue of medical marijuana in California and other states. At times the federal government has indicated that it will not interfere with states that have made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes. However, even after such assertions the federal government has proceeded to engage in raids of of medical marijuana facilities.

Therefore, if a person is charged with violating marijuana laws under either state or federal law they need to find an attorney that is familiar with this constantly evolving dynamic. Attorney Donte T. Wyatt has extensive experience dealing with these essential issues involving medical marijuana. As a prosecutor Attorney Donte T. Wyatt work in the major narcotics units, which was responsible for prosecuting violations of Health and Safety Code sections 11359, and 11360 that specifically deal with the possession for sale of marijuana and the cultivation of marijuana. In addition Attorney Donte T. Wyatt has represented individuals who were charged with the cultivation of marijuana and the possession of marijuana for sales under the paradigm of the medicinal marijuana law. Hence, if you are looking for an attorney that understands the dynamics of medical marijuana and also has an extensive experience dealing with possession of marijuana for purposes of sale you need to contact Attorney Donte T. Wyatt.


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