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  • Kidnap and False Imprisonment 

The crimes of kidnapping and false imprisonment are crimes that involve the denial of the liberty of movement. Kidnapping and false imprisonment are often committed in conjunction with other crimes of violence such as rape, domestic violence, robbery, extortion or murder.

kidnapping and false imprisonment


California Penal Code section 207 states:


Every person who forcibly, or by any other means of instilling fear, steals, takes or holds detains, or arrests any person in this state, and carries the person into another country, or county or into another part of the same county is guilty of kidnapping.


False Imprisonment


California Penal Code section 236

False imprisonment is the unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another.


False imprisonment can be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony.


Unlike kidnapping false imprisonment does not have to involve force and or fear. In addition, kidnapping requires movement. Most people think that kidnapping requires a movement over a significant distance; however the law does not mandate such a requirement. If a person is forcibly moved for the purpose of further victimization, and the movement increases the vulnerability of the victim even a relatively small movement can suffice.


Charges that involve a Kidnapping generally expose the person charged to a significant amount of prison time. In addition, kidnapping a person for the specific purpose of committing certain serious offenses can drastically increase punishment and even lead to a life sentence. Therefore it is critical that a person accused of such a crime contacts an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.


Attorney Donte T. Wyatt is very experienced dealing with crimes that involve the actual charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment and also the allegations and enhancements for kidnapping during the commission of other serious and or violent offenses. If you or a loved one has been accused of such a crime contact Attorney Donte T. Wyatt.



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