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Theft is divided into a variety of subgroups that are further defined by how and by who commits the theft. Fraud is the theft of property accomplished by willfully providing false information or omitting pertinent information. Conversely embezzlement involves a person that is in a position of power over property converting the property to their on use or to the use of others without the proper authorization and against the will of the true owner of the property.


Embezzlement is often accomplished by accountants, bookkeepers and money managers because they usually have unfettered access to funds with minimal oversight from the true owner. The embezzler is unique among the other thefts because generally they are violating a position of trust and sometimes even an fiduciary duty. Many embezzlers start off taking a small amount of money and gradually increase as they become more comfortable and or confident. Keep in mind the term small is relative to the total amount of funds the embezzler has access to.

False accusations can arise in a situation where the business or person has a history of inconsistent or poor accounting practices.
When a person is charged with grand theft involving an allegation of embezzlement it is important that they contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Donte T. Wyatt is experienced handling embezzlement cases as a prosecutor and as a San Diego criminal defense attorney. As a prosecutor for the San Diego District Attorney's Office Attorney Wyatt spent time working in the Economic Crimes Unit.

The San Diego District Attorney's Office's Economic Crime Unit specialized in handling cases such as identity theft and high level fraud cases such as embezzlement.


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