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When a person is charged with a crime it is critical that they have a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney to guide them through the criminal justice system and insure that they obtain the best possible result in their criminal case. Effective criminal defense involves a mixture of skills that must be mastered in order to provide the best possible defense. An effective criminal defense attorney will be knowledgeable of criminal law, but will further have knowledge of the system as well. This includes knowing the tendencies and practices of the various judges, prosecutors and even the probation department. In addition, an effective criminal defense attorney will be skilled at identifying the issues in every type of criminal matter and leveraging these issues for the benefit of their client. This includes the effective investigation, negotiation and ultimately litigation of the criminal case.



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Attorney Donte T. Wyatt possesses a unique combination of these skills forged from working for over a decade in the criminal justice system both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. Attorney Donte T. Wyatt is adept at deciphering the issues present in all criminal cases and setting reasonable and accomplishable goal specific to each client and fact pattern. These goals can include pushing a case to jury trial, filing motions and negotiating cases. As a former prosecutor Attorney Donte T. Wyatt has handled hundreds of cases ranging from DUI’s to Homicides. He has specifically worked in the Major Narcotics Unit (handling Wire Taps Undercover Operations and informants), in the Family Protection Division (Handling Domestic Violence and Child Abuse), General Felony Unit (Superior Court Handling Homicides and Rapes); Economic Crimes Unit (Handling Fraud and Identity Theft) and on a Drug and Gang Taskforce.


If you or a loved one is charged with a crime, Criminal Attorney Donte T. Wyatt can help.



Donte Wyatt Attorney Donte T. Wyatt obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Diego State University. Attorney Wyatt majored in both Political Science and Africana Studies. Attorney Wyatt was the Outstanding Graduate for the Africana Studies Department and he obtained his degree in Political Science with Distinction.


Donte T. Wyatt obtained his Juris Doctorate (Law Degree) from California Western School of Law. While Attorney Wyatt was in law school he was a recipient of a Dean Merit Scholarship, received a Pro Bono Honor Society Award and was on the Dean’s list multiple times. In addition, Attorney Wyatt graduated with a Concentration in Criminal Defense and Prosecution with Distinction. Read More about Donte T Wyatt





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